Playing with @Anywhere

I have been meaning to check out the new Twitter @Anywhere Javascript API for a while. I decided to use it to build a simple Twitter client. Traditionally, if developers are using the Twitter REST API, they are required to set up some web service to handle authentication. However, I was able to complete the client without writing a single line of server code because @Anywhere pretty much takes care of authentication for you. @Anywhere also works well with Javascript frameworks such as jQuery and MooTools. I named my pure client-side Twitter client TabAnywhere and the source code is available on Github.

Like the Twitter REST API, @Anywhere is very simple and straightforward to deploy. My only complaints would be that 1) the documentation is not comprehensive and 2) the API does not seem to have a callback mechanism to report failures. Overall, I am very happy with the API and I think it has the potentials to revolutionize the industry like the REST API.

Oh, I would like to thank ded for his help.